Tuesday, May 20, 2014

8-9 Months


          I LOVE this picture of Carson and Cole.  I feel it sums up their individual personalities so well.  Cole is a goofy, happy, adventurous, independent, playful little boy.  Carson is a silly, happy, cuddly, inquisitive, affectionate little boy.  This past month has really let the boys blossom into their own little persons.  It has been such a wonderful experience to see them learn and grow.  Now the boys are sitting up unassisted for about 15 minutes at a time.  They love to sit in the floor and play with toys. They are not big fans of laying on their tummies too much anymore, unless its Cole pushing himself up to his hands and knees!  That's right, my little Cole is in the early stages of crawling!  Carson is not showing too much interest in this yet, as he would rather sit and play with toys and "think" about how the toy works.  I love to watch him hold a toy and just examine it on all sides. Carson also loves to hit two balls or two blocks together, "clapping" his hands.


          Both boys have become big talkers! Cole's first word at early 8 months of age was "Da-da."  He loves to say this word when he is happy or when he is upset:)  Carson's first word at about 8 1/2 months was "Ma-ma."  It is so fitting for the boys that these were their first words, as Cole has become daddy's little buddy a lot of times, and Carson has grown very attached to me.  One of Cole's favorite things is for daddy to carry him downstairs on his shoulders after getting him out of bed in the morning.  He just smiles and laughs as they come down the stairs together.  Carson enjoys cuddling with me and will constantly turn around and put his hand on my leg when we are playing to make sure I'm right there with him.  Carson and Cole also love to "talk" and laugh with each other.  It is fun to sit them face to face and feet to feet in their high chairs and watch them interact with each other. 

          The boys have each had another tooth come in.  Cole's second tooth was noticeable on 3-31-14 and Cole's second tooth came in 4-12-14.  I have tried to get pictures showing their cute little teeth but can't get them to cooperate with it:)  With these new teeth in place, we let the boys try a new snack...Crunchies!  They absolutely love chomping down on them.  And they love all the flavors of them.  We also started adding a little extra flavor to some of the boys foods.  The first one I tweaked was their squash.  I added a little cinnamon when I pureed the squash this time.  This was a big hit with the boys.  Especially with the applesauce added as well like I normally do! 
         The boys first Easter was during this time (4/20/14).  It was a beautiful day and we spent it with a great church service, some relaxation, and family time at Grandpa and Nana's.  The boys enjoyed swinging in the swing, playing on a blanket outside, and riding in their wagon for the first time.  The only thing that would have made the day better would be if daddy had been with us. But he had to work that day:(  He enjoyed seeing all the pictures of our experiences that day though.  They boys got a total of 4 Easter baskets each!  They got so many great new toys, bath toys and books.
 Easter 2014
 Carson's first Easter basket
Cole's first Easter basket

 Wagon ride!
 Stinky boys!
 "Coach" Carson
"Cool" Cole
 Carson Bunny
Cole Bunny



 Lookin' Good!

Monday, May 19, 2014

7-8 Months

     7-8 months was another month of firsts!  Both boys started sitting up on their own for several minutes.  This was very exciting for us!  This meant we were able to get some adorable 7 month pictures with our photographer.  And this meant the boys could sit in high chairs like big boys at restaurants, ride in our new side-by-side Combi stroller, and sit on the floor in front of their tree house and lion toys in the playroom.  Once the boys discovered they were able to do this, it was all they wanted to do.  Many days were spent sitting and playing in the playroom.  Also, the ability to sit up on their own meant more fun at bath time!  After getting the idea from Pinterest, we tried the boys out sitting in a hamper in the tub.  The boys LOVED this!!  And this provided a much easier way to get them both bathed at the same time.
 High chairs at Casa!
 We're sitting on our own!
 Cruisin' in our new stroller!
Bath time fun!
      The boys tried some new foods and snacks during this time.  We tried pears in early March.  This was an ok fruit, but not as well liked as bananas have been!  Carson and Cole tried out Puffs and Gerber yogurt.  Both were instant favorites, although it took a while for them to learn how to put the Puffs in their mouths on their own.  Lastly, we let them try out some juice in water in their sippy cups.  Both boys loved drinking the juice!

      This month the boys got to experience some fun new things.  They got to swing at Grandpa and Nana's house for the first time.  This has become a favorite thing for them to do.  Carson and Cole got to experience grass for the first time as well.  They really weren't quite sure what to think about it!  After a few short minutes they were ready to be picked up off of it.  We will try this again when they get a little older:)  The most exciting thing the boys experienced this month was the zoo!  Although we had to make it a short trip, the boys enjoyed seeing the elephants, giraffes, and all the people walking around.  We bought the boys a stuffed giraffe each as well as a onesie with a giraffe on it.  We look forward to many more trips to the zoo with them in the future!
 Cole says "Wheee!"
 Carson says "This is fun!"
 First experience with grass...
 "This is just....
 too prickly:("
 Zoo time!

  Cole and daddy checking out the elephants

      Carson and Cole just keep growing and growing!!  During this time period, we had to move the boys up to size 4 diapers!?!?!  The boys did go back to sleeping better at night.  They got into a pattern of sleeping 10-12 hours at night and taking some 2 hour naps during the day.  This was wonderful! And mommy was finally able to rest during the day as well as get chores done around the house.  What a difference a little extra sleep makes!

          Carson can sit up on his own. He loves to try to figure out how a toy works. He got is first tooth on 3-15-14


          Cole can sit up on his own. He loves to "pose." He got his first tooth on 3-21-14

These Boys!
 We love Mickey Mouse

 Sharp dressed men

 We love Zoe
 Hats from Grandpa and Nana!

 Cole's Pose
 Watching Mickey!