Sunday, January 19, 2014

4-5 months



     This past month has been an exciting time for us and the boys!  The holidays were a fun-filled experience for Carson and Cole.  Their first Thanksgiving was spent with lots of family.  Thanksgiving day we spent time at my parent's house with my mom's family.  This was the first time some of her family got to meet the boys.  Of course Carson and Cole enjoyed all the attention!  Friday after Thanksgiving we spent time with Brad's family.  We ate even more good food and the boys got more love from family.  We also went to a local Christmas tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree.  This was exciting for us to introduce Carson and Cole to this special holiday tradition!
 Styling in our Thanksgiving bibs!
 Turkey talking!
 Snuggle time!
 Happy Thanksgiving!
 Cousin Laney's first Thanksgiving, too!
 Cason with daddy picking out the tree
 Cole with mommy picking out the tree
Our first Christmas tree!!
     The boys grew so much over the last month!!  On December 12th, the boys moved up to size 3 diapers!!  The boys started rolling over as well.  On December 4th, Cole rolled over tummy to back and on December 12th, Carson followed by rolling over tummy to back.  We were so proud of our boys!  At the end of November, the boys began sleeping longer...making for a happy mom and dad :)  November 26-27 they slept from 10:30-6.  Since that night the boys consistently slept about 7-8hrs.  This made a huge difference in how Brad and I felt and functioned each day!
These little monsters are in size 3 diapers!?!?
     Carson and Cole enjoyed visiting with their Great-Granny Herndon on December 16th.  They talked and talked with her that afternoon.  Cousin Alexis came and helped me take care of the boys several days during her Christmas break from college at UT.  She was so good with the boys and they very much enjoyed her being with us. 
 We loved playing with Cousin Alexis!
 Carson talking with Great-granny.
Cole was all smiles!
     We started foods with the boys during this month:)  This was a fun experience for us and the boys.  On December 6th, we tried rice cereal with Carson and Cole.  It was a big learning experience for the boys to eat from a spoon but they did very well!  Cole immediately took to opening his mouth wide for the spoon. It took Carson a few times of eating it to learn. They both love rice cereal in the morning.
 Messy face Carson
 Yum! says Cole
 Carson is a big boy!
Cole loves to eat!
     I spent a lot of time researching and preparing to make baby food for Carson and Cole.  On December 22nd, at the 5 month mark, I made and fed the boys carrots!  They both weren't too sure about them, I think because of the texture, but soon grew to love them.  I am excited to make more foods for them to try!
 Carrots for Carson
Orange faced Cole
At 5 months, Carson is rolling over tummy to back, eating 6 oz. of formula every 4hrs during the day, sleeping 7 hours a night, eating rice cereal and carrots, and trying to sit up in the bath and high chair.
At 5 months, Cole is rolling over tummy to back, eating 6 oz. of formula every 4 hrs during the day, sleeping 7-8 hours a night, eating rice cereal and carrots, and has found his feet.

Cole's first time rolling over!
Carson's first time rolling over!

Carson trying to sit in the tub
Cole loves bath time
The boys wearing the bibs I cross-stitched them while I was on bed-rest.

The boys with daddy
My boys and me


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