Saturday, September 6, 2014

9-10 Months

           Wow! How are we really only a few months from the boys turning 1 year?!?! This has been a fun last month with the boys!  At their 9 month appointment, we learned that Carson weighs 21lb 6oz and is 28 1/2inches long. Cole is 21lb 4oz and is 28 1/2inches long.  Always right there together! They are getting so big!
          We enjoyed a trip to the zoo with Uncle Josh, Aunt Erin, Cousin Laney, Nana Eva, and Clay & Monica & their kids.  The weather was perfect for our outing and it was so much fun spending time with everyone.
 Crusin' through the zoo
 All the little ones

          The boys have made a lot of progress in working towards crawling.  Cole has gone from sitting on his own for >30 minutes to rocking on his hands and knees to doing the army crawl.  He can also stand with assistance at his toys now.  Cole also can get from a laying to a sitting position by himself. Carson has gone from sitting on his own for >30 minutes to crawling backwards to army crawling. He can also stand with assistance at his toys. I am so proud of these boys!!


           This has been a special month for me as well because I got to celebrate my first mother's day with the boys.  It was a great day having family time together before church, seeing Aunt Erin and Cousin Laney, and snuggling with my boys.  Brad and the boys made a sweet book for me on Shutterfly titled "Mama is Always There."  I will always cherish it!!


          The boys have enjoyed pretty afternoons and wagon rides around the neighborhood.  It has been nice to get outside and enjoy some family time.

          Lastly, Carson & Cole have enjoyed trying some new foods this month!
They have tried blueberries in their bananas, zucchini with peas, macaroni & cheese, turkey & cheese, goldfish and Cheerios.  The blueberries were not a huge hit, nor were the turkey & cheese. Neither liked the texture of the turkey & cheese. Both boys are big fans of macaroni & cheese, goldfish and Cheerios, though!



Sweet Boys