Friday, December 6, 2013

3-4 Months

     Carson and Cole turned 4 months on November 22nd. 

         They have had a busy month!!  October 27th was baby dedication day at church.  My mom and dad, Brad's mom and dad and Brad's grandparents made it out for this special day.  The boys each received a Read to Me Bible and a certificate to remember the day.  Pa and Nana Alsup gave the boys a sweet card and a few glass trinkets for their room to remember the day by.

     The boys experienced their first Halloween on Thursday, October 31st.  We dressed them up as "Thing 1 and Thing 2."  Grandpa and Nana Herndon came over as well as Uncle Josh, Aunt Erin and cousin Laney.  We all had fun taking pictures with these little cuties!!

     Unfortunately, the boys have still been suffering from reflux issues:( On November 2nd, I took the boys back to the doctor.  Omeprazole twice a day was added to their medications to give them.  This has helped the boys a lot over the past month.  At this appointment we learned that Carson weighed 15lb 2oz and Cole weighed 15lb even.  Growing boys!!!
      Monday, November 4th was my first day back to work since being off for bed rest and maternity leave.  It was a hard drive to work that morning!!  But I knew the boys were in good hands with Nana Alsup.  They so enjoy their days they spend with her and I have to admit, I have come to enjoy my days at work.  However, the best part of those days is coming home to my sweet boys!
      Saturday, November 9th, we had the boys 3 month pictures taken at Ridgetop Station Park.  It was a beautiful fall day for these pictures although it was a little windy!

      Carson and Cole enjoyed spending the day with Aunt Cindy Hall on Saturday, November 16th. I was able to enjoy a day of shopping with mom, Erin and Laney at Christmas Village.  They were such good boys for her and took long naps that day.
      At this point, the boys are taking 6oz consistently every 3 1/2 to 4 hours during the day.  They are slowly moving towards sleeping through the night, as they are now sleeping 4-5 hour stretches.  This makes for a happy mommy and daddy:)  At the boys 4 month appointment on November 22nd, they each got 3 more vaccines.  Although they weren't pleasant, the boys did so well.  Carson weighed 16lb 6oz and Cole weighed 16lb 6oz!!  My boys are getting so big!! Lastly, the boys received their next Imagination Library book this month, called Baby Sounds.  We have read it several times already and the boys enjoy it!

Trying to roll over
Really studying objects
Loves to talk

Learning to blow bubbles
Mastered tummy time
"Smiley Cole Man"