Monday, February 2, 2015

10-11 Months

          11 months! Wow! Only one more month until the boys are 1 year old.  This has been another fun month with Carson & Cole.  We just placed the order for their birthday smash cakes and cupcakes.  A local bakery, Classy Cakes, is making them for us. 
          Both boys are really working hard to start crawling.  Cole crawled officially for the first time May 26th!  We are so proud of the progress he is making.  Carson has started rocking on his knees at this time as well.  We are so proud of his progress as well.  Cole has also started pulling himself up on things. The other day I saw him pull up to standing at his red car.

          We have been enjoying the warm weather and sunshine with the boys this month.  Brad and Grandpa Herndon worked together to build a swing set for the boys.  They really enjoy swinging in the swings and being in the sunshine.


          Memorial Day we enjoyed spending time with family.  We went over to Erin and Josh's house for the kids to play together and to have a cookout.  It was fun watching the boys play with cousin Laney.





          Carson & Cole got to experience our neighborhood pool for the first time in June.  Carson was a fan, but Cole was not so much.  They were both a little unsure of the twin float we put them in. But they did enjoy watching the water falling at the kid section and we enjoyed the time together.

         This was a big time of firsts for Carson & Cole. We took them to Cracker Barrel and they enjoyed biscuits, mashed potatoes and mac n' cheese!!

          Carson and Cole also experienced their first haircuts this month.  We were so proud of the two of them and how well they did during their hair cuts. 


          More fun this month!
 Time to lower the cribs!
 Bathtime fun!

 Getting so big!

          We love to read!





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